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Let’s be honest. This is a difficult time for everyone; teachers, parents, and–maybe most especially–students. Parents feel the stress of being pulled in different directions for their different students. Teachers feel the helplessness of not being able to help their students as much as they’d like. And students are getting lost in the shuffle, trying to get used to online learning without as much attention or structure as they have been used to.

This is where I come in. With 15 years of experience both as a classroom teacher and curriculum designer, I know math, I know students AND I know how learning happens. Here’s what I can give your student:

  • Structure / Routine– With regularly scheduled appointments (1 – 5 per week), I can help you create some of the structure your student is missing by not being at school.
  • Academic Help–within that structure I can provide support with math, but with background in history and engineering I can also help with english, history, and science
  • Student Support–I am another caring adult who understands the craziness of our current situation. I can to help your student to get on track and stay on track.

Both parents and teachers can rest easier knowing students have the necessary assistance to prevent frustration and see success. I have a proven track record for helping students overcome school difficulties. Let me help your student. Contact me to learn more.

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Rumor has it...

  • We’re grateful to Cristi not only for helping our student improve her math skills, but for providing encouragement and support through this difficult time. Cristi was empathetic and approachable creating an important bridge between our student and her teacher that turned distance learning into a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

    Camille P Grandparent
  • You have a calm and reassuring presence with students. I especially enjoy watching you push students through a series of questions, helping them realize their potential and not just showing them how to do the work.

    Alison H Head of School, BDEA
  • Cristi Johnson is a remarkable tutor. She is kind and patient with students. Her many years as an excellent math teacher enables her to expertly explain difficult concepts in a clear way in which my children truly understand.

    Sarah S Parent

Tutoring on Your Terms

  • Perfect for helping your student keep a schedule and stay on track, this is a thirty minute session each weekday at a regularly scheduled time. Each session is $20.

  • For students who don't need quite as much interaction but would benefit from regular check ins, this is two 30 min sessions twice per week. Each session is $20

  • This option is great for students who could really use some help getting back on track or families with multiple students. One hour session each day may be used for up to two students. Each session is $30.

Hi, I'm Ms. J!

a.k.a Cristi, Miss, Ms. Johnson depending on who's talking. I'm a former math teacher, current curriculum designer, and always education enthusiast. I hope I can be a part of your child's learning to love (or at least appreciate) math!
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