I am an educator. With 15 years teaching and designing curriculum and many many more than that learning, the sharing of knowledge is something I am passionate about.

I received my BA in History and Japanese from Brigham Young University. Shortly thereafter I was accepted to the New York City Teaching Fellow program, which recruits and trains college graduates to teach in high need areas. While in the program, I received my MS in Math Education and high school math in Harlem. From there I moved to Boston, where I studied architecture for a time. While I still love architecture, I quickly decided that I missed teaching and I found a position in Boston Public Schools.

After almost a decade in Boston, I decided to return to the west where I was raised and where much of my family still lives. It has been a rewarding time of transition as I moved from instructor to instructional designer.

In addition to teaching, I have been fortunate to work with children and youth in volunteer activities and with my church. I’ve loved it and learned so much from my experiences.

I still miss teaching, but have found that through tutoring I have a way to design and teach. I love helping people learn and look forward to finding how I can help your student.